Under the FCA Product Oversight and Governance rules Citynet Insurance Brokers Ltd (‘Citynet’) has determined that it is a distributor for the products it distributes as a wholesale insurance broker.

It is the Manufacturer that is the owner of the product and is responsible for creating, developing, designing, and/or underwriting a contract of insurance. Manufacturer responsibilities include making available to its distributor’s information about their target market assessment.

The purpose of this page is to communicate the information Citynet has received from the product Manufacturers Citynet transact with and share this with distributors downstream that may be acting as the agent of the policyholder.


Frequently asked questions (‘FAQs’)


Where can I find the relevant Target Market Statements and Fair Value Assessment outcomes from the manufacturer?

Some manufacturers have uploaded this information to their own website and all of them can be contacted directly for this information. They are obliged under FCA rules to make this information available to all brokers involved in the distribution of their insurance products. Therefore before you contact us please may we recommend you first contact the manufacturer or visit their website.  

Please contact Citynet’s Compliance Officer at [email protected] and provide the following information:

  • The Manufacturers full legal name
  • The product name

What happens if the Manufacturer identifies that a particular product does not provide ‘Fair Value’ to customers?

Citynet in conjunction with the Manufacturer will take appropriate action to stop any further harm from occurring and endeavour to inform all impacted distribution partners. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • amending distribution arrangements
  • amending remuneration structures
  • or no longer distributing the product

What information could Citynet or the product manufacturer request from brokers?

On an annual basis, we’ll be requesting data from our brokers to allow us to continually assess if the arrangements in place remain appropriate and represent value for the customer.

Can you send me a copy of Citynet’s value assessment?

The assessment will include commercially sensitive information so will not be provided. If from our reviews we identify anything potentially adversely impacting ‘Fair Value’ or the outcome to the customer we’ll endeavour to inform those in the distribution channel, including the product Manufacturer.