Citynet meets with representants of Royal British Legion


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Representatives from the Royal British Legion recently visited Citynet’s office for a collection and brief discussions. It was a proud moment to engage with individuals serving in the armed forces, dedicating their lives to protect the nation. In various ways, we’ve all contributed to show our appreciation and respect for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in safeguarding our country and its people.

Lloyd’s of London annually hosts a Remembrance Ceremony, and this year’s event is scheduled for Friday, November 10th, where they will ring the Lutine Bell.

For those unfamiliar with the Remembrance Day event, let’s address some common questions:

What does Remembrance Day represent?

Each year, Remembrance Sunday offers a national opportunity to honour the service and sacrifice of those who defended our freedoms and upheld our way of life. We remember the Armed Forces and their families, both from Britain and the Commonwealth, along with the vital role played by emergency services and those who have lost their lives due to conflict or terrorism. From people wearing poppies to moments of silence in remembrance, there are various aspects associated with this special occasion.

When is Remembrance Day?

Each year, the country expresses gratitude and respect for those who lost their lives in wars worldwide on Remembrance Sunday. This day coincides with the actual date of the World War I armistice, which occurred at 11 a.m. on November 11, 1918. Therefore, Remembrance Day will be observed on Saturday, November 11 this year.

When do people start wearing poppies?

Many individuals begin wearing their poppies on October 31, 11 days before Remembrance Day. However, some may wait until after Halloween and Bonfire Night festivities before pinning them.

How to wear a Remembrance Day poppy?

There is ongoing debate about which side to pin your poppy badge. Many argue that it should be worn on the left side, close to the heart, where members of the armed forces also wear their medals. Nonetheless, the Royal British Legion states that there is no “correct way” to wear a poppy if you’re not in the military. They emphasize that it’s a matter of personal choice and simply ask that if you choose to wear a poppy, you do so with pride.

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Why do people wear poppies?

Poppies are a tribute to World War I. During the war, the battle-ravaged fields of France and Belgium were left barren. In 1915, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote about poppies in his famous poem, “In Flanders Fields.” When the war concluded and the land began to recover, red poppies were among the first plants to reappear. Consequently, red poppies became synonymous with the war and the sacrifices made by courageous soldiers. The RBL explains that the American War Secretary, Moina Michael, then purchased poppies to raise funds for those in need following the war.

This symbolic emblem ‘Red Poppy’ was subsequently adopted by the Royal British Legion in 1921 when they launched their first Poppy Appeal.




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